Sweet Valentine

I was contacted about doing a Valentine's Day session for Emma. I have been dying to do an ice cream shop session for a long time. Her mom loved the idea and we decided on doing the session at Sweet Cooie's. This ice cream shop is new to Denver, but it has a vintage theme. The shop had a beautiful blue, red, and white color scheme. The ice cream counter was white marble with a blue shelf backsplash with candies on display. The servers are dressed in vintage uniforms complete with a traditional hat. This shop was stunning and set the mood for our session. We got to the shop right when it opened, so we were the first ones there. Emma started off with a yummy ice cream sundae with pink and purple ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. She playfully ate her sundae and smiled and giggled while I captured the pure joy of an almost two year old enjoying ice cream. Mom joined in and Emma playfully fed her bites of ice-cream. They shared a few laughs and kisses snuggled in the cute little blue booth. As most almost two year olds do, Emma wanted to explore the shop. Her mom got her an ice cream cone with pink ice cream and sprinkles. Emma toddled around the shop ice cream in hand. I loved being able to capture the curious mind of a child. She played with her mommy, watched the people pass by on the sidewalk through the window, and checked out the wide selection of cones the shop had to offer. Her favorite was spinning the classic wooden barstools. This session is one of my favorites to date, and I will definitely have to go back to Sweet Cooie's.

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