Welcoming Jewell

A birth story.

I first met Jenna and Jason when I was asked to do her maternity photos. We planned on doing a lifestyle shoot and milk bath inside her home. Jenna was such a trooper and was willing to do whatever it took to get the shot. We even included their sweet pup in some of the shots. Shooting with this couple was such an amazing experience. They had such raw emotion. The love they shared was so beautiful and real. We decided to do an outdoor posed maternity shoot outdoors next. A storm rolled in as the shoot continued and it made for some beautiful moody images. The couple kissed, laughed, and snuggled each other as I clicked away. Jenna is such a natural beauty and she posed effortlessly.

The birth of their daughter was so close and you could tell they were very excited.

I arrived at Lutheran Medical Center the morning of their sweet babe's birth and Jenna and Jason were so calm; they were ready to meet their Jewell. They joked and kissed as the nurse prepped Jenna for her cesarean. In the OR, the OB and nurses worked with precision and everything ran smoothly. About an hour after they started Jewell's cries filled the room. The proud parents smiled and wept. In the recovery room, Jenna held and nursed her baby girl and Jason looked on with love in his eyes.

The next morning I arrived back to their hospital room to shoot their fresh 48 session. Jenna and Jason took turns cuddling and kissing and holding their babe, and each other. The room was filled with so much love. After an eventful 24 hours, I left the trio to get some much needed rest. I feel so grateful to have been invited to capture such an important part of this family's life.

Jenna welcomed me back into their home to do their sweet girl's newborn photos. We were able to get through 7 different looks. Little Jewell was a perfect little model and slept through the whole shoot. I couldn't get over how adorable she was with her little round cheeks and pouty lips.

Thank you Jenna and Jason. You have such a beautiful family.

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